Aldar's Rest

The Dragonsky campaign begins in Aldar’s Rest, an underground settlement of just under 300 individuals. Aldar’s Rest lies in the northern part of what was Eamonvale. On the world map of Telduria it sits right in the V of the word Eamonvale, under some wooded hills. North and slightly east lies the Pass of Crows leading to the ruins Eamonvale’s second city, Lastwall. The ruins of the great fortress city of Dun Eamon lie about a week’s journey to the south.

Of more immediate relevance to the survivors in Aldar’s Rest, a difficult and dangerous 20-mile underground journey to the north west takes one to the lesser gate of Runehelm, one of the great dwarven citadels. A refugee community called Lesser Gate lies huddled outside the eponymous entrance to the dwarven citadel. A trickle of charity from the dwarves keeps the refugee settlement barely viable.

Aldar’s Rest was founded three years ago when a group of Eamonvale soldiers lead their families and a loose group of allies underground. Originally thinking they would offer their arms at Runehelm’s lesser gate, the group decided to found a community of their own once they learned that Runehelm’s gates were already shut. They found a wide cavern ideal for growing food with a nearby network of smaller caves that could serve as living quarters or hideout.

You have the freedom to decide how long your character has been part of Aldar’s Rest. Perhaps you and those you care about came with the original group three years ago, or perhaps you arrived as recently as six months ago. Strangers are rarely trusted now that resources are so scarce, so the one restriction is that you’ve been here long enough to become a recognized part of the community, at least six months.

A Lucky Place

Aldar’s Rest feels stable and perhaps even one day prosperous because of several advantages.

  • The nearby stream has rich populations of fish and small mammals
  • Runehelm was close enough that the early survivors were, through great peril and expense, able to purchase seed stock for several varieties of viable underground crops
  • The Rift Cavern is large enough to grow several fields of mushrooms and other crops
  • The early survivors were very careful with their livestock and have viable colonies of both chickens and sheep
  • Enthar Loh, a human priest of Kindness and one of the original settlers, brought several iron lanterns with continual flames burning within. He has since crafted a dozen more. These precious lights are carefully tracked within the community. Ruby dust to make more continual lanterns would be a heroic find.


Just shy of 300 people live in Aldar’s Rest. There are almost no elderly, and the settlement’s first few children are starting to be born. With these demographics and a decent food supply, the human portion of the population is likely to grow. The spirit folk and halfling populations might also be robust enough to grow if the community remains undisturbed.

  • 128 Humans
  • 45 Halflings
  • 2 Shadar-kai
  • 86 Spirit Folk
  • 8 Tiefling
  • 10 Hobgoblin
  • Individuals of other races if players create them as NPCs (see Character Creation doc)


Three Tails Rock
A stalagmite formation that looks somewhat like three tails intertwined. It sits near the entrance to the main caves of Aldar’s Rest and is often used as a reference point or meetingplace.

The Great Mushroom
This 9’ high mushroom stands gnarled and dusty in the center of The Rift cavern, and some of the older residents will state that it was around this mushroom that the first camps were built.

The Rift Cavern
The largest cavern in Aldar’s Rest and the location of most of the community’s crops.

The Fishing Bridge and The Well
A natural rock bridge that spans the stream; children often fish off the bridge to supplement the community’s food supply.
At the wide end of the stream the water goes into the earth. The community has never verified the maximum depth but the well goes at least several hundred feet down into the earth.

The Shrub Hermit
Eccentric gnome druid who lives about an hour’s travel away underground
He lives alone except for his companion, a large dark-furred cat
He has long been a friend of Aldar’s Rest and has repeatedly been offered a place in the community
He maintains several gardens scattered through a series of small caves. Some of his plants should not be able to grow underground. The survivors always look forward to his gifts of tea leaves.

The Overlook
The closest exit to the surface. A relatively hidden ledge that provides a concealed view of a wide valley. Occasionally the community pastures the livestock here if conditions are perfect and no dragons have been seen nearby.

Aldar's Rest

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