Lakaedo Walks in Moonlight

Confident hunter from the Fang Lands


“Today is a day of words”
“Come! It is a day of tooth and claw.”
“Today is a day of REVELRY!”
snif snif “You have been killing my cousins”
“Worry not. I am of tribe Aktar, spoken Justice. Unlike my poor cousins I do not pretend to hear the name of Yeenoghu, spoken Malice.”
“They just pretend. Yeenoghu’s name was lost like the rest. They hold Malice within them because they choose it, not because they are driven by some god’s name.”
“There are 5 of my kind. They have done me great evil, and I have traveled far for their blood.”
“You smell of blood and toil.”
“You smell of stories not yet written.” // “You smell of half truths.”


Lakaedo Walks in Moonlight

Dragonsky Nodwick