Good hearted tracker with a lot to learn


Human outlander ranger.


Raised in the Fanglands by his father, Dahknar, Kel’s life has been nomadic and perilous. He learned to live off the land and avoid the myriad dangers of his home at an early age. His father trained him in the art of war, honing his skills until he was ready to fight the Dragon Hordes at his side.

When Kel came of age, he and his father traveled east and south, across the Ashen Wastes and over the mountains into what was once Eamonvale. There, in the forests at the foot of those mountains, they found Aldar’s Rest.

Kel’s experience with others is limited, but he is quick to make friends and always eager to help. In this way he is the opposite of his father, who is slow to trust. They do share a fierce loyalty to those who they call friend, and Kel considers everyone he meets a friend until proven otherwise.


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