Jenna Adair

A talented but troubled young wizard rescued from Runehelm


Jenna was badly injured while defending Aldar’s Rest from Malice-influenced dwarves during the month of Bite, DR 90.

The most powerful of the six wizards rescued from Runehelm, Jenna is not dealing that well with the end of captivity. She is greatful to be away from the dwarven city, but she has been made fearful byt the experience. She lives in dread of being recaptured.

Jenna is powerful enough that Bobolink was not able to provide spells of the highest level that she can cast. Like the other rescued wizards, she is busy recovering her health and using Bobolink’s help to craft a new personal spellbook.

As a symptom of her troubled mind, Jenna has painted her face, and taken to carrying a bag of sticks, several small mammal carcasses, and other eccentric talismans.


Jenna Adair

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