Abney Callaghan

Quietly smiling musician


Abney’s throat was badly injured while defending Aldar’s Rest from Malice-influenced dwarves during the month of Bite, DR 90.

Finds the world amusing. Seems near to laughter except in somber or tragic situations.

-“Better luck next time, laddie.”
-“I’d watch me step, were I you!”
-“May Justice light your path.”

Has a habit of twirling her hair around her finger when thinking.

“I’ve been working on a new song. I hope you can stay and help me finish it.”
“Tell me about your adventures.”
“You should write about it. You should get a name like a famous adventuring company!”
“Not like a band name – like the Company of the Black Lantern .. or The Eastmarch Delvers!”


Abney has joined Malcolm’s band, playing an instrument resembling a xylophone as well as a kit of bongo drums with proficiency.

Abney Callaghan

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