Rumors, Adventure Leads, and Survivor Priorities

Adventure Leads include second- or first-hand accounts of dangerous potential adventures that the group has encountered. The difference between adventure leads and rumors is deliberately vague, but in most cases, the information listed under rumors is for some reason less certain than that listed under adventure leads. In many cases, as much or more ‘adventure’ lies behind the rumors.

The Community Needs section is evolving information that the group (at times) might not have heard from any other source.

Adventure Leads (source)

  • Refugees, including a half-dozen or so Knights of Valon, are gathering beneath the ruins of Dun Eamon and plan to resist the dragon hordes. (Fahti Faheem, merchant)
  • Dragonspawn rampage through the underdark one day SSW from the Shrub Hermit’s cavern (The Shrub Hermit)
  • Harg’s Cutters have fled Lesser Gate with many supplies. They are now encamped in a nearby fortress called The Sunken Citadel (citizens of Lesser Gate)
  • Ruby dust to make more continual lanterns would be a heroic find (The Council Elders)
    • The box recovered from beneath the anvil in Two Rivers was full of rubies. Velos Makar will return this to the party if they take a message to his daughter within the walls of Runehelm. (Velos Makar)
    • The dwarves of Runehelm allow entry by one of three paths: the path of gold, the path of honor, or the path of stone (Velos Makar)
  • Books and grimoires would strengthen the community’s growing arcane knowledge (Knurlc)
    • Such lore might be found in the ruins of Dun Eamon (Velos Makar)

Rumors (source)

  • A survivor community needs food (Dragonfall hope carin; 3 weeks old as of 15 Threshold)
  • The shadow-men know something about what binds the dragon hordes together (note found in Two Rivers smithy)
  • The Scarfist Orcs live one day east of Two Rivers (rescued Scarfist orcs)
  • A lot of smoke comes from the eastern forest on nights when the moon Ia is full. Dragonspawn avoid the area during that time. (Dragonfall hope carin)
  • Bluespawn patrol for miles around the main gates to Runehelm (Dragonfall hope carin)
  • The area around Lesser Gate seems strangely devoid of small plants and animals – those with close ties to nature find being near Lesser Gate unpleasant. (Knurlc)
  • Gedriss, Tabita, and Trosi were very interested in the people of Lesser Gate, specifically relating to the color green. Trosi tried to drug Samara’s drink with Starmilk. Tabita and Gedriss seemed keen on learning more about how the anvil was acquired. (Samara and Arctos at the Sundered Scale Inn)

Community Needs for Aldar’s Rest (source)

  • Aldar’s Rest would be more comfortable and prosperous with a source of fresh cloth. A flock of sheep would be ideal.
  • Aldar’s Rest could use more wood for its troops and defensive structures. (Kel)
  • Aldar’s Rest can support 28 more adults comfortably (Rakka) (Felmon Anahi and her son, Felmon Gileas took 2 spots)

Completed Adventures

  • Retrieve an anvil for Aldar’s Rest
  • Destroy or drive off gnolls threatening Aldar’s Rest

Faded Rumors and Unfollowed Leads

  • Dwarven miners beneath Runehelm are troubled by undead (Slag and Velos Makar)

Rumors, Adventure Leads, and Survivor Priorities

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