House Rules

Dragon Hordes and Arcane Magic

One note about using arcane magic in Dragonsky. Dragons and dragonspawn can sense the use of arcane magic from short or moderate distances. Dragonborn, kobolds and lesser spawn can sense a 1st level arcane spell from about 100 feet away. This sense is greatly reduced but not eliminated by solid obstacles intervening (similar to how sound travels). As the power of the dragon increases and the power of the magic used increases, this sensitivity increases proportionately. An ancient wyrm (incredibly rare) could sense an almost equally rare 9th-level arcane spell being cast from about a mile away. This includes the use of arcane magical items as well as casting spells. (Items not in active use, such as a sheathed enchanted sword, can only be detected from extremely close ranges.)

Other Rules

Cantrip Scaling: Cantrips will scale off of levels in the class, not total character level.
Darkvision: Darkvision allows you to see in dim light as if it were bright light, but does not let you see in complete darkness. If it’s easier to think of it as low-light vision, feel free to use that term.
Inspiration: Max 2; players award each other inspiration
Resting: Long rests do not restore your full hp. Here’s how they work:
You spend recovery dice just like you would during a short rest
You gain recovery dice equal to half your level.
Ia, The Moon of Knowledge: affects arcane spells. The moon has a 2-week cycle and when it’s full arcane magic gets a little stronger and when it’s new arcane magic gets a little weaker. Depending on the moon’s state, apply +/- 1 to Arcane DCs and attack rolls. Either a new or full moon occurs every Valorsday (2nd day of the week). The bonuses or penalties begin or end at midnight.

House Rules

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