Tag: Near Aldar's Rest


  • Clunker

    A goblin warrior with a decent mace and makeshift leather armor. Fled from some gnolls near Aldar's Rest. Frequent companion of [[:keepsit | Keepsit]] and [[:slashgut-skinny-dan | Slashgut & Skinny Dan]].

  • Keepsit

    This simple minded goblin carries lots of odd bits of things and wears a battered pot as a helmet. He has a habit of picking things up and saying “Keepsit!” [[:clunker | Clunker]] and [[:slashgut-skinny-dan | Slashgut]] look out for him.

  • The Shrub Hermit

    This eccentric gnome druid lives two days of difficult travel to the west of Aldar’s Rest. Known for his excellent tea and his large but apparently benevolent displacer beast companion [[:sombra | Sombra]]. The Shrub Hermit has long been a friend of …