Tag: Lesser Gate


  • Mangletooth

    A vicious and single-minded bugbear who bullies the unfortunate at Lesser Gate. Has a prominent left fang that seems to give her trouble. She is Harg's strongest ally he counts on her to kill at his command.

  • Slag

    Slag is an unusual male dwarf. Bald and beardless, many scars and tattoos cover his muscular body. He seldom speaks, and he bears the traditional dwarven markings of the disgraced. He is the obedient servant to the elderly human [[:velos-makar | Velos …

  • Velos Makar

    This once prosperous merchant now lives in the back corner of the Lesser Gate refugee camp with his servant [[:slag | Slag]]. Unlike the other refugees in Lesser Gate, Makar lives fairly comfortably in a well-appointed tent of good quality.

  • Rurik Coinsafe

    Rurik coinsafe hears petitions at the monthly Lesser Gate "market." On the 13th and 14th of each month, he sits behind a small temporary desk and dispenses the monthly charity of food to Lesser Gate residents. After the days food has been handed out, he …