Tag: Goblin


  • Clunker

    A goblin warrior with a decent mace and makeshift leather armor. Fled from some gnolls near Aldar's Rest. Frequent companion of [[:keepsit | Keepsit]] and [[:slashgut-skinny-dan | Slashgut & Skinny Dan]].

  • Keepsit

    This simple minded goblin carries lots of odd bits of things and wears a battered pot as a helmet. He has a habit of picking things up and saying “Keepsit!” [[:clunker | Clunker]] and [[:slashgut-skinny-dan | Slashgut]] look out for him.

  • Trosi

    She has tried to profit off the war as best she can, and she did a pretty good job of it for awhile. She got many hobs addicted to starmilk, but when the dragons shattered the biggest tribes and brigades, it got harder to get enough supplies and make …