Shadowed Histories, Shadowed Pathways
I know my path is rough and steep 2/12/16
  • Talked to Dahkir who reluctantly revealed that he knew something of Kel’s past
    • Although he was passive, the weakened man obviously held much in reserve
  • Left Lesser Gate in the quiet hours and traveled swiftly towards home
  • At the Shrub Hermit’s Cavern, gathered various allies, some anxious to hunt, others anxious for a permanent shelter
  • Fought rune-wielding gnolls in familiar passages
  • Debated the course, and made for Aldar’s Rest
  • In the open space of Aldar’s Rest, Kel stayed Dahknar’s killing hand
  • Father and son grew angry, and after heated words, both stormed off
  • Foremost Blade Rakka increased the guards in light of the growing threats gnolls
  • Took a but a brief evening’s ease, tense with the thoughts of coming battle
  • Using new-found skills, the group scouted carefully and for two days crept farther north, and much deeper into the underdark
  • Found the gnolls guarding the gate to some ancient place, and began the struggle to drive them out
A Day of Tooth and Claw
I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger. 2/5/16
  • Began in the cavern of the Shrub Hermit
  • Talked with an unusual white-furred gnoll named Lakaedo Walks in Moonlight, who hails from a far-away land
  • A large group of gnolls with some rune-adorned weapons attacked
    • Arctos showed a single-minded ferocity while freeing the trapped Sombra
    • The Shrub Hermit put out fires
    • Knurlc’s spider form tore through several gnolls
    • Malcolm bent luck to your cause
    • Kel gathered your goblin allies and made a heroic leap
    • Mulleena cut down a second large and unusual gnoll
  • After resting and learning more about the white-furred gnoll, the group headed for Lesser Gate
  • The goblin trio again stayed with the Shrub Hermit
  • Arrived in Lesser Gate to find much has changed
    • The encampments have spread haphazardly throughout the gigantic cavern
    • Refuse has begun to accumulate
    • No sign of Harg’s Cutters
    • Delivered the treasure box to the aging merchant, Velos Makar
  • Learned that he would exchange the rubies from his treasure if the group will deliver a message to his daughter, who dwells safely in the halls of Runehelm
  • Spoke with a very tall human, who has been thinned down to skin and bone but who still gives most of his food away. For just a moment, this man seemed to mistake Kel for someone else.
Overland to Aldar's Rest
Session 3 1/29/16

Session Summary

  • Woke up one of the defeated Harg’s Cutters
    • Asked them to promise that they would not
    • Took the single conscious hobgoblin at her word and left them alive but bound
  • Made for Aldar’s Rest overland and camped in the forest
  • Picked a river crossing, choosing a narrow set of rapids
  • Arctos jumped across triggering an ambush by the green-scaled kobold you left alive in Two Rivers and four more greenspawn skulkers
    • Their initial attack was daunting, but you beat them down, largely able to ignore the river by jumping over a narrow point
    • Kel took a swim
    • The kobold went to extreme measures to alert a nearby dragon but Arctos knocked it out
  • The last greenspawn slew the kobold, and in the distance a dragon screamed
  • Ran swiftly under the cover of the woods
  • Made it underground, and after a week’s journey and trial brought the anvil to Aldar’s Rest
  • Celebrated with the town; hunters had brought back a deer two days ago and it was shared with all to celebrate
    • Some of you met with the town elders
    • Others drank with some of the community’s seedier residents
    • Samara seemed oblivious to the advances of the handsome Gedriss
    • Malcolm spent a lot of hours trying to make the young women of Aldar’s Rest happy. By talking.
    • Cuudall made the group new boots, and took extra time with Mulleena’s fitting.
  • The group headed for Lesser Gate, seeking to deliver, and perhaps then trade for, the treasure of Velos Makar
  • Fought off a savage attack by gnolls in the passages that the group had seen before.
  • Carefully arranged tracks and evidence to point other gnolls toward the Shrub Hermit’s cavern and away from Aldar’s Rest
  • Arrived at the Shrub Hermit’s cavern where an unusual guest rose in greeting and a group of goblins complained once again about their assigned quarters
The Dash to Two Rivers
Session 2 1/22/16

A Strike at Two Rivers

  • Retrieved the larger anvil from Two Rivers
    • (left a kobold and several greenspawn cretins alive but bound)
  • Accepted a token of friendship from three Scarfist Orcs
  • Escaped the dragonspawn patrols around Two Rivers
  • Debated the route
  • Made for Dragonfall
  • Mulleena received a heroic power
  • Malcolm’s necklace behaved strangely
  • Traveled onward to Lesser Gate
  • Met Felmon Anahi and heard her warning about an ambush by Harg’s Cutters
  • Brutally and efficiently thwarted the gang’s ambush
    • Left almost all of the gang members alive and bound
  • Changed routes and made for Aldar’s Rest overland, taking Felmon Anahi and her son along
Setting Out from Aldar's Rest
Session 1 1/15/16

From Humble Beginnings

The Dragonsky campaign began on Wrathsday, the 8th of Threshold, DR 90. Eight days before, Aldar’s Rest celebrated New Year’s Day, also known as The Day of Freedom. Before that, Year’s End coincided with the three somber Days of Justice, signaling the payment of debts and the end of the previous year. New Year’s was fun for Aldar’s Rest; there was fresh-brewed alcohol for the first time since the settlement was founded, and the place feels more and more like a growing community rather than a huddled group of refugees.

The group got this as pre-game information

Aldar’s Rest is growing. At the request of Requisitioner Makeda, you have volunteered to risk the journey to Lesser Gate. The goal of the journey is to bring back a larger anvil and thereby improve the ability of Aldar’s Rest to produce metal goods. The way is rough and usually takes about 4 days each way. There is too much vertical climbing for pack animals to make the journey, and the transportation of the anvil itself will be difficult. It is actually only possible because of Arctos the goliath’s willingness and ability to transport the weight of the anvil over the distance.

You are very likely, and in fact encouraged by the town’s elders, to stop halfway through the journey and talk with the eccentric druid known as the Shrub Hermit. The Shrub Hermit has been very helpful to the community and the leaders have made repeated entreaties for him to move into the community permanently.

To aid you in your journey you’ve been given:

  • 10 days of food
  • 2 days of water (expected to refill along the path)
  • 1 (currently empty) back harness that will help Arctos carry the anvil back over the difficult journey

Bullet point summary to (maybe) expand later

  • Send-off from Aldar’s Rest
  • Dangerous travel to the Shrub Hermit’s cavern
  • Met the Shrub Hermit, his cat Sombra, and a group of three goblins he had in a pit
  • From goblins – Learned of Gnolls one day west and one day north of Aldar’s Rest
  • From hermit – Learned of dragonspawn lurking underground 1 and a half days or so south-southwest of the Shrub Hermit’s cavern
  • Journeyed onward toward Lesser Gate
  • Ambushed by a gang known as Harg’s Cutters
    this gang apparently keeps the peace in Lesser Gate
  • Looked around Lesser Gate, some of you pushed a wheel, some of you put on a concert, others kept to the camp
  • Saw the sad spectacle of the dwarves monthly charity
  • Negotiated with Rurik Coinsafe
  • Met Velos Makar and his servant Slag; negotiated

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