The Shrub Hermit

Eccentric herbalist and wanderer


“There are goblins in the pit. Tea happens after that.”
“Let us perform social interactions.”
“It’s a convenience!”
“It offpisses me that ______”
“This is a model with explanatory power.”
“This human-style linear document contained enlightening combinations of language.”
“Sombra is difficult to move about.”


This eccentric gnome druid lives two days of difficult travel to the west of Aldar’s Rest. Known for his excellent tea and his large but apparently benevolent displacer beast companion Sombra.

The Shrub Hermit has long been a friend of Aldar’s Rest, and the community leaders there have repeatedly asked him to join their community fully. His teas and his advice on how to sustain crops underground have played a major part in the community’s survival. It is a semi-regular task to journey to his cave to trade and check in on him.

The Shrub Hermit

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