Tellian Riverborn

Enigmatic elf found chained in Runehelm


Chained by the arcanists of Runehelm for a very long time. Owes the heroes of Aldar’s Rest for his freedom.

Tellian killed a dwarf arcanist with a javalin throw.

“I would know your names”
“I am leaving Runehelm today. Try to chain me again and I promise to return.”

“We were ambushed. We had come to Runehelm from the east, seeking to help where we could. We were looking in particular for the young paladin Shandri Hamal. Portents said she would face treachery, so I came with … someone else to stand at her side. We were mislead in Runehelm, and deep in the mines, my companion and I were beset by a black dragon of great power and many unusually dangerous gnolls. My companion fell, but not before we gave the dragon mortal wounds. I awoke some days later chained in the room where you found me. I was there for almost 30 years.”

Tellian Riverborn

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