Kertha Greenward

World-weary leader of Aldar's Rest


Seems melancholy in the rare times that she’s at ease; hides her sadness with constant work in and around Aldar’s Rest

“We’ll need more ____ before it gets colder.”
“I want everyone doing their part.”

“How much had you talked to those three goblins. The ones who left?”
“You know I think they saw something important. Maybe something terrible.”
“I talked to the simple minded one for a while. It didn’t really go well, and he seemed to get pretty stressed. But right at the end he told me that he didn’t remember a name, that he didn’t Keepsit.”


The oldest human resident of Aldar’s Rest, Kethra Greenward has seen too much in her long life. She has buried a husband and three sons, all killed fighting against the dragons. She was a skilled warrior once, but time has slowed her hands.

Kertha Greenward

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