Kind-hearted cobbler of great skill


“Those boots fitting OK? I could make some adjustments if you need.”
“You have a lovely instep.”

Cuudall crafted an exceptional backpack for Mulleena, and shyly gifted it to her before the Days of Learning.


He is possibly the best cobbler the world has ever known. He can make the BEST, MOST COMFORTABLE shoes. For ANY foot. And that is ALL he ever wanted. He just wanted a little shop, in a little city, making shoes. A nice wife. A ranger would be great, to help him skin and tan hides, but as long as she’s kind, that’s the dream. Oh, and also a kid to pass the business on to. But he would have preferred never learning how to fight. He even hates killing animals. He does it now to help keep Aldaar’s Rest supplied with food, and he’ll defend the encampment when he has to, but he hates it. He’s not scared of dying. He’s not a coward. He just would prefer to sit in a shop and make shoes. It’s what he’s best at.

His work is good enough that extras are sometimes traded to the dwarves of Runehelm


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