Bryn Steelsong

Valiant dwarf reformer and Paladin of Order


Speaks with the accent typical of dwarves from Runehelm.

Brynn’s hammer burns with holy fire when she goes into combat. She has also demonstrated the ability to magically speak to her platoon through it over some distance.

Rurik Coinsafe speaking about Brynn: “She isk great paladink. … is sometime potty mouth.”

“Strike Platoon! Boots up in 3 minutes!”
“Order and ****ing Stone!”
“Do you know what I had for breakfast? Dragonspawn omlet.”

“WE STAND! -platoon echoes
WE FIGHT!” -platoon echoes

“No fucking offense, but there’s no fucking need to go to the same fucking place.”
“If I fucking have to fucking pick. I pick that shit hole Dun Eamon.”
“Travel well. Strike Platoon – March like you’re trying to fucking get somewhere! Fucking Double Fucking Time!”


Bryn Steelsong

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