“Blackened” Elussis

Gruff and irascible owner of the Sundered Scale Inn




Despite his gruff and irascible nature, Elussis took pity on Samara when she first came to town, surreptitiously leaving a loaf of bread or wedge of cheese before her while she communed with the great mushroom in the center of town. Samara felt the gifts needed to be repaid, and so wordlessly started coming into the inn and cleaning up. Over time the job became more “official”, although the two have never actually spoken about the arrangement. Elussis is a hard worker, dutiful in keeping the inn clean, so much so that after Samara started to take to drink Elussis only lifted a single hairy eyebrow but considered the loss in ale still paid for in labor. Samara’s occasional pestering questions that come out of the blue amuse Elussis, but being a man of few words, he takes sweet time in responding, and seems to apply extra effort in responding with as few words as possible. Elussis was one of the first people to settle in Aldar’s Rest, and seems determined to make the site a permanent settlement, a place to call home.

“Blackened” Elussis

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