Be-Kento Iron

Polite wizard from Kron-Nesis; former prisoner of Runehelm


Although pictured in garb from his homeland, Be-Kento is a refugee (his skin is also darker than pictured and he has normal human, non-pointed ears.)

Always polite and somewhat formal, Be-Kento’s name Iron means that he would have been a member of one of the two highest castes in Kron-Nesis before it fell.

“I honor you.”
“Each day of that ritual was an agony.”

“Madams and Sirs, I would ask of you – what is to be our fate.”
“We have nowhere else to go. We would be honored to join your community for some time.”
“There is some irony here. As long as we are free to leave, I believe we will stay as long as you allow.”
“All of us are of some skill, but I believe Jenna Adair to be the most skilled among us.”
“We do however, lack spellbooks or even materials to make more of such.”
“It is not for me to decree, but should I find a company of the mage-knights of my kingdom. Well. Pity might save the arcanists of Runehelm. Nothing else would.”


Be-Kento Iron

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