The Dash to Two Rivers

Session 2 1/22/16

A Strike at Two Rivers

  • Retrieved the larger anvil from Two Rivers
    • (left a kobold and several greenspawn cretins alive but bound)
  • Accepted a token of friendship from three Scarfist Orcs
  • Escaped the dragonspawn patrols around Two Rivers
  • Debated the route
  • Made for Dragonfall
  • Mulleena received a heroic power
  • Malcolm’s necklace behaved strangely
  • Traveled onward to Lesser Gate
  • Met Felmon Anahi and heard her warning about an ambush by Harg’s Cutters
  • Brutally and efficiently thwarted the gang’s ambush
    • Left almost all of the gang members alive and bound
  • Changed routes and made for Aldar’s Rest overland, taking Felmon Anahi and her son along



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