The Cruelty of Dragons

Esken; We Came Too Late 3/18/16

  • Dispatched a fleeing greenspawn
  • Moved carefully through the lightly falling snow, noting the tracks of many dragonspawn
  • You made your way to Esken and saw its cruel end
  • The few dragonspawn left in the ruined camp fell swiftly
  • Kel scouted and found a larger party of dragonspawn
  • Kel ran through the forest somehow both pursuing and pursued by dragonspawn
  • In Esken the group took some measure of vengeance with bow and blade and spell
  • Fahti Faheem used arcane magic, and spoke of fallen Vesh
  • You met elves on the banks of a river. A few names were exchanged.
  • The elves agreed to find what stragglers from Esken and leave word in a Hope Carin further to the west
  • Leaving the elves behind, Malcolm and Mulleena spoke of diplomatic policies
  • Knurlc shared private word with the elves on behalf of his daughter.
  • The elves of the Grey Wood now ponder his words. Word will be left in the Hope Carin to the west.
  • Late on the 10th of Lore, the group came again to Lesser Gate, where much had changed
  • Kel was given a shield, his only for the price of asking and for information not yet learned



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