Shadowed Histories, Shadowed Pathways

I know my path is rough and steep 2/12/16

  • Talked to Dahkir who reluctantly revealed that he knew something of Kel’s past
    • Although he was passive, the weakened man obviously held much in reserve
  • Left Lesser Gate in the quiet hours and traveled swiftly towards home
  • At the Shrub Hermit’s Cavern, gathered various allies, some anxious to hunt, others anxious for a permanent shelter
  • Fought rune-wielding gnolls in familiar passages
  • Debated the course, and made for Aldar’s Rest
  • In the open space of Aldar’s Rest, Kel stayed Dahknar’s killing hand
  • Father and son grew angry, and after heated words, both stormed off
  • Foremost Blade Rakka increased the guards in light of the growing threats gnolls
  • Took a but a brief evening’s ease, tense with the thoughts of coming battle
  • Using new-found skills, the group scouted carefully and for two days crept farther north, and much deeper into the underdark
  • Found the gnolls guarding the gate to some ancient place, and began the struggle to drive them out



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