Setting Out from Aldar's Rest

Session 1 1/15/16

From Humble Beginnings

The Dragonsky campaign began on Wrathsday, the 8th of Threshold, DR 90. Eight days before, Aldar’s Rest celebrated New Year’s Day, also known as The Day of Freedom. Before that, Year’s End coincided with the three somber Days of Justice, signaling the payment of debts and the end of the previous year. New Year’s was fun for Aldar’s Rest; there was fresh-brewed alcohol for the first time since the settlement was founded, and the place feels more and more like a growing community rather than a huddled group of refugees.

The group got this as pre-game information

Aldar’s Rest is growing. At the request of Requisitioner Makeda, you have volunteered to risk the journey to Lesser Gate. The goal of the journey is to bring back a larger anvil and thereby improve the ability of Aldar’s Rest to produce metal goods. The way is rough and usually takes about 4 days each way. There is too much vertical climbing for pack animals to make the journey, and the transportation of the anvil itself will be difficult. It is actually only possible because of Arctos the goliath’s willingness and ability to transport the weight of the anvil over the distance.

You are very likely, and in fact encouraged by the town’s elders, to stop halfway through the journey and talk with the eccentric druid known as the Shrub Hermit. The Shrub Hermit has been very helpful to the community and the leaders have made repeated entreaties for him to move into the community permanently.

To aid you in your journey you’ve been given:

  • 10 days of food
  • 2 days of water (expected to refill along the path)
  • 1 (currently empty) back harness that will help Arctos carry the anvil back over the difficult journey

Bullet point summary to (maybe) expand later

  • Send-off from Aldar’s Rest
  • Dangerous travel to the Shrub Hermit’s cavern
  • Met the Shrub Hermit, his cat Sombra, and a group of three goblins he had in a pit
  • From goblins – Learned of Gnolls one day west and one day north of Aldar’s Rest
  • From hermit – Learned of dragonspawn lurking underground 1 and a half days or so south-southwest of the Shrub Hermit’s cavern
  • Journeyed onward toward Lesser Gate
  • Ambushed by a gang known as Harg’s Cutters
    this gang apparently keeps the peace in Lesser Gate
  • Looked around Lesser Gate, some of you pushed a wheel, some of you put on a concert, others kept to the camp
  • Saw the sad spectacle of the dwarves monthly charity
  • Negotiated with Rurik Coinsafe
  • Met Velos Makar and his servant Slag; negotiated



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