Overland to Aldar's Rest

Session 3 1/29/16

Session Summary

  • Woke up one of the defeated Harg’s Cutters
    • Asked them to promise that they would not
    • Took the single conscious hobgoblin at her word and left them alive but bound
  • Made for Aldar’s Rest overland and camped in the forest
  • Picked a river crossing, choosing a narrow set of rapids
  • Arctos jumped across triggering an ambush by the green-scaled kobold you left alive in Two Rivers and four more greenspawn skulkers
    • Their initial attack was daunting, but you beat them down, largely able to ignore the river by jumping over a narrow point
    • Kel took a swim
    • The kobold went to extreme measures to alert a nearby dragon but Arctos knocked it out
  • The last greenspawn slew the kobold, and in the distance a dragon screamed
  • Ran swiftly under the cover of the woods
  • Made it underground, and after a week’s journey and trial brought the anvil to Aldar’s Rest
  • Celebrated with the town; hunters had brought back a deer two days ago and it was shared with all to celebrate
    • Some of you met with the town elders
    • Others drank with some of the community’s seedier residents
    • Samara seemed oblivious to the advances of the handsome Gedriss
    • Malcolm spent a lot of hours trying to make the young women of Aldar’s Rest happy. By talking.
    • Cuudall made the group new boots, and took extra time with Mulleena’s fitting.
  • The group headed for Lesser Gate, seeking to deliver, and perhaps then trade for, the treasure of Velos Makar
  • Fought off a savage attack by gnolls in the passages that the group had seen before.
  • Carefully arranged tracks and evidence to point other gnolls toward the Shrub Hermit’s cavern and away from Aldar’s Rest
  • Arrived at the Shrub Hermit’s cavern where an unusual guest rose in greeting and a group of goblins complained once again about their assigned quarters



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