An Evil's End

The Death of Yakez the Nameless 3/4/16

  • Took a short rest to recover your strength in the ruins of the ancient library
    • Learned that undead lie deeper within these strange hobgoblin ruins
  • Fought and killed the monster known as Yakez the Nameless
    • Blocked the flow of evil power into Yakez using both Body and Will
    • Samara heard the call of the Green within a bowl of blood and drank deeply
    • Others heard temptations of their own but refused
    • Endured the power of Yakez’s dreaded axe
    • After many blows you finally cut the massive gnoll down
  • Freed 3 prisoners
    • Neseth, Vestal of Aktar
    • Fahti Faheem, Merchant of Vesh
    • Tagichakak, an enigmatic pseudodragon who you now call Tagi
  • Rested overnight and on the morning of the 1st of Lore discussed what to do next
    • Tagi will remain hidden in these ruins
    • Fhati will come to Aldar’s Rest but be blindfolded during part of the travel
    • Lakaedo and Neseth will also travel with you to Aldar’s Rest but they will depart on their own once they recover from their wounds



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