A Day of Tooth and Claw

I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger. 2/5/16

  • Began in the cavern of the Shrub Hermit
  • Talked with an unusual white-furred gnoll named Lakaedo Walks in Moonlight, who hails from a far-away land
  • A large group of gnolls with some rune-adorned weapons attacked
    • Arctos showed a single-minded ferocity while freeing the trapped Sombra
    • The Shrub Hermit put out fires
    • Knurlc’s spider form tore through several gnolls
    • Malcolm bent luck to your cause
    • Kel gathered your goblin allies and made a heroic leap
    • Mulleena cut down a second large and unusual gnoll
  • After resting and learning more about the white-furred gnoll, the group headed for Lesser Gate
  • The goblin trio again stayed with the Shrub Hermit
  • Arrived in Lesser Gate to find much has changed
    • The encampments have spread haphazardly throughout the gigantic cavern
    • Refuse has begun to accumulate
    • No sign of Harg’s Cutters
    • Delivered the treasure box to the aging merchant, Velos Makar
  • Learned that he would exchange the rubies from his treasure if the group will deliver a message to his daughter, who dwells safely in the halls of Runehelm
  • Spoke with a very tall human, who has been thinned down to skin and bone but who still gives most of his food away. For just a moment, this man seemed to mistake Kel for someone else.



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